Pershing 9X

Pershing 9X


A masterpiece of cutting-edge nautical design, the perfect combination of wonder and excitement and an impressive blend of luxury and technology. With its futuristic materials and engines, the Pershing 9X is a revolutionary maxi-coupé that fuses Pershing thrill with “X-generation” excellence to create an unprecedented nautical experience. Its sporty lines are accentuated by the large side wings and aerodynamic profile of the sun deck. The open-air foredeck area and sundeck combine supreme comfort with maximum privacy, while the interior boasts elegance and sophistication.

The Pershing 9X offers performance at the top of its class and unique comfort even at high speeds. Thanks to the joysticks and surface propellers, the Pershing 9X offers maximum manoeuvrability, even in the tightest of spaces.

Pershing 9X - Sieckmann Yachts



28,09 m


6,23 m



Max. speed

42 kn

Pershing 9X - Sieckmann Yachts

Torsten Sieckmann

+49 151 70 42 10 86

Pershing 9X - Sieckmann Yachts

Oliver Sieckmann

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