Pershing 8X

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The next step forward in Pershing style. Every single component has been designed to excite, starting with the construction material. Light, fast, hyper-performing, with generous, inviting spaces and a new drive system, the Pershing 8X is the dream and masterpiece of the “X Generation”. The refined naturalness of carbon fibre enhances the Pershing’s sporty design and its most iconic elements, such as the stunning side wings and aerodynamic profile of the sun deck. The refined and scenic integration of the staircase leading to the sports flybridge turns an aesthetic signature into a functional element, leaving more space in the cockpit.

Twin engines provide speeds of 45 knots in the standard version and up to 48 knots in the optional configuration. The Pershing 8X features the ground-breaking system that integrates propulsion control with manoeuvring, navigation and monitoring systems, which are accessible to the pilot via large natural carbon panels and 24″ touchscreen monitors.

The unrivalled combination of quality and innovation creates spaces that are exceptional in both aesthetics and functionality. With access from both sides, the main deck provides intimacy and privacy. The helm station is a masterpiece of design, technology and sportiness. The innovative Music Hull System allows you to listen to music underwater, with high audio quality.

Pershing 8X - Sieckmann Yachts



25,55 m


5,86 m


3 – 4

Max. speed

45 – 48 kn

Pershing 8X - Sieckmann Yachts

Torsten Sieckmann

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Pershing 8X - Sieckmann Yachts

Oliver Sieckmann

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