Itama 45S

Itama 45S


Its name embodies the soul of the brand: S for Sport, Style, Soul. Classic charm, sporty flair, innovative technology. The Itama 45S creates an exuberant mood and joie de vivre, in the finest Italian style. With unique elegance and outstanding performance.

It encapsulates the spirit of the brand: with its inimitable style and serenity on the waves, this manoeuvrable open yacht draws the eye as it heads towards the horizon. With 550 hp and an additional 140 hp from her twin Cummins engines, the Itama 45S reaches top speeds that take cruising pleasure to a whole new level.

The sleek, essential lines with the famous 22° deep-V hull make the Itama 45S unmistakable at first glance. A privilege reserved for the few boats that have become icons of the sea.

Itama 45S - Sieckmann Yachts



13,82 m


3,95 m


1 – 2

Max. speed

34 kn

Itama 45S - Sieckmann Yachts

Torsten Sieckmann

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Itama 45S - Sieckmann Yachts

Oliver Sieckmann

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