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Axopar 28 Cabin


axopar 28 cabin

Axopar 28 Cabin


The Axopar 28 Cabin opens up a world of possibilities for extended cruising and longer than average voyage times.

With the ability to accommodate up to five people in a bright and airy, weather-protected environment, there is plenty of incentive for the owner and his guests to spend not just a few hours on board, but several days and even weeks enjoying the Axopar Cabin version to the full.

Above the cabin is a full-length Webasto manual sunroof that can be opened at any time, and large side-opening doors on both sides ensure that natural light and ventilation are always available.

The walk-through side access and aft deck in the standard version provide plenty of space that is great for fishing or water sports activities and the like.

This Axopar 28 Cabin has been kept in excellent condition by her owner and is available immediately.





9,2 m

Max. Speed

46 kn


2,95 m



Axopar 28 Cabin - Sieckmann Yachts
Axopar 28 Cabin - Sieckmann Yachts

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Axopar 28 Cabin - Sieckmann Yachts

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